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Poem:ek ummeed एक-उम्मीद

     ek ummeed par jinda hai hum ek ummeed ki kamayaab honge hum ek ummeed se daaman saja rahe hain ek ummeed se khushiyaan pa rahe hain ek ummeed ki hum sahi ja rahe hai ek ummeed ki hum manjil… Continue Reading →

Ye Mera 'Strange' India

India- jahan bachpan se hame sikhaya jata hai surat nahi seerat dekho par zindagi ka sabse mahtwpoorna faisla aaj bhi sirf tasveer dekh kar liya jata hai #IncredibleIndia भारत-जहाँ बचपन से हमे सिखाया जाता है सूरत नही सीरत देखो पर ज़िंदगी… Continue Reading →

SlideDeck Flickr Testing

Testing if Flickr and SlideDeck make a good combination for showing photos. What’s your suggestion? [SlideDeck2 id=63]

I Need Help!

Hello World! I am a beginner when it comes to self-hosted WordPress blogging.  I would be happy if you can share some best practices for bloggers and any advice for this blog, be it w.r.t. Fonts, Plugins,Content anything 🙂

Feature Request:Facebook Post to Anyone Feature

Update 1: This post is about a feature I would like Facebook to incorporate. Facebook had started testing a ‘post from anywhere’ button in May 2013 . Some of you reading might have had the privilege to test it 🙂 Ever… Continue Reading →

QuickTip: Google WordPress Authorship

Test how your website results show the authorship Structured Data Testing Tool Source: https://managewp.com/wordpress-google-plus-authorship

Nanoblog: RSS Feed

You can subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog here http://feeds.feedburner.com/curious-explorer

Quick Tip: Allow multi-lingual text in WordPress post

As I was using Hindi in some of my post I saw wordpress didn’t render it. The quickfix I applied was found here http://wordpress.org/support/topic/hindi-marathi-language-support if u want to show the devnagari script(Unicode-UTF8) in your wp blog , you have to edit… Continue Reading →


  jhuk jhuk kar chalti budhiya pratidin waqt par carton ke anmol tukre jugaadti budhiya chinti si karmath, gilahari si sarpat hai budhiya kuch pyaar se, aur baaki sab thoothkar kar  bulate use budhiya par unhe kya pata, budhiya unsabhi… Continue Reading →

Theme Search!

After an endless search for the theme for this blog, finally found something close to what I wanted (of-course for free! and legal too) http://mythemeshop.com/free-wordpress-themes/ Though it promises to look like this but have to learn how to do so http://demo.mythemeshop.com/s/?theme=Portal

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