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Jainism’s Concept – Anuvrat

Those who know me would be mostly familiar with my annual ritual by now of asking for forgiveness on the auspicious day of Samvatsari, a Jain festival.  To know more about Samvatsari and “Micchami Dukkam” Click here  Coming to 2018, I… Continue Reading →

Hunting Best Deals : Online Shopping in India

I assume if you are reading this you are among the privileged ones from India who have tried their hands at Online Shopping. Most likely you would have had mixed experiences if you have shopped more than once! Many of… Continue Reading →

SlideDeck Flickr Testing

Testing if Flickr and SlideDeck make a good combination for showing photos. What’s your suggestion? [SlideDeck2 id=63]

I Need Help!

Hello World! I am a beginner when it comes to self-hosted WordPress blogging.  I would be happy if you can share some best practices for bloggers and any advice for this blog, be it w.r.t. Fonts, Plugins,Content anything 🙂

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