The day women will be VISIBLE on all streets not just on those kind of streets,

The day men will start feeling women are staring at them while walking on streets,

The day we won’t need special seats and coaches for ladies in buses and metros,

The day when you won’t see women being preferred only as receptionist, secretary or just for bringing awards to the stage,

The day Bollywood wouldn’t need tens of skimpily clad white foreign female dancers just to increase viewership,

The day when people of all genders would stop swearing women targeted abuses to express anguish,

The day when a meeting of leaders be it in a village, state or UN would have ample representation of women instead of mere tokenism,

The day when you probably won’t need a special women’s day and every day would be a special one for everyone of us.

The day you would miss “Women’s Day” but we won’t have  “missing women”

For that day to arrive when we would not need to be aware of the “Oh She is a woman/girl” attitude,
we have to become aware today and observe around us why everything looks so much man dominated and bring change to the attitude that led to this.

PS: I hope I haven’t offended anyone, it’s difficult to be fully right these days!
Eagerly looking for suggestions (words, lines, rhymes) to improve this short writeup.