Facebook seems to be updating the chat interface. I noticed this today. ( Not sure if articles about it have been published before). The upgraded chat which might be in beta allows you to find group conversations from the chat box itself and also searches for friends of friends whom you can directly start chatting with.
So now the chat bar can also be used as a search box for finding  friends of friends.
For people concerned about privacy, the feature currently doesn’t show the online/offline status for friends of friends. But it seems this will help us connect more easily 🙂
Try by typing a friends or FoF name in the box and see if this feature has rolled out to you.
Facebook Chat update
 Update : 00:11 AM Talking to one of  my foreign friend it seems the feature was there couple of days ago. May be I missed the updates about the feature. Anyway what’s your view about this feature. Isn’t it useful and a handy one?
The last update we heard about chat was about Chat Rooms which seems to have remain a test feature only. The ticker is still playing hide and seek time and again 🙂
The availability of this feature of mobile apps is yet to be seen. The Verge had posted yesterday about Facebook’s redesign of Android and iOS messenger app.
Update:  03:00 AM Here’s  a snapshot of search for friends of friends and group conversation suggestion in one view.