Update 1: This post is about a feature I would like Facebook to incorporate.

had started testing a ‘post from anywhere’ button in May 2013 .
FB_mage_via_mashableSome of you reading might have had the privilege to test it 🙂
Ever since Facebook Graph Search was launched, it has provided us an easy way to discover people with similar interests.
Facebook Graph Search
Let’s say I want to share something with this audience, the post to anywhere button could be useful if the privacy settings can be dynamically updated to the result set of this Graph Search Query.
I call this  “Post to Anyone” via Graph Search. This would enable an infinite combinations of privacy settings and we could target our posts to reach only to the audience interested in it.
Share you feedback on this feature. Would you love to have it?
The other side of implementing this feature would be on how would people receive this? Facebook could add a feed, say posts targeted to me where we could go through such posts which could be of interest to us but have not reached us since they were not posted by our friends or pages we follow.
Just imagine being able to post updates to any interest group or receive message from like-minded people , I am excited by the idea 🙂 The freedom to choose a subset from a billion people as  my privacy setting audience.
Link to the question on  Quora:What Features do you wish Facebook had?
Update 2: A friend of mine suggested that hashtags are for this purpose but the problem with hastags is that if your privacy setting doesn’t allow it to reach to all and if it’s a public post then you are unncessarily bombarding your friends’s feed who might not be interested in it.